Numerous aspects of the medical use and application of chemical entities may give rise to patentable subject matter. Such aspects include the repurposing of existing drugs to treat further diseases (so-called second medical uses), the development of dosage regimes, the use of drugs as part of combination therapies in conjunction with one or more other APIs, and so-called precision medicine or personalised medicine approaches that take into account differences in the genetics, environments and/or lifestyles of different patients.

Our team has a wealth of experience both in the drafting and prosecution of patent applications for such subject matter, and in the opposition of patents that result. We recognise that in this field there is complex interplay between clinical trials processes, commercial announcements, marketing authorisations and the need for patent protection. Timing can be critical, and we pride ourselves in our ability to advise on the extent and nature of evidence required to secure patent protection. Conversely, when acting offensively our investigational skills are second to none and often result in patents being revoked as a consequence of a patentee’s own actions or inactions. It is this dual approach, combined with expertise provided by a large team of chemists and biochemists, that enables us to tailor our services to any given problem, maximising the outcome as efficiently as possible.