Our Firm

Thinking differently

Our clients tell us that we’re different from other firms – it’s our approach that sets us apart. We look for outstanding people to work for us and we train them to think commercially and with a focus on client service. It’s not just about knowing the law and understanding the science – it’s about understanding and connecting all of the dots so that our clients can achieve their commercial goals.

We encourage our people to think independently and creatively while applying their legal and technical expertise, to ensure that our clients obtain the best possible protection for their ideas and brands.

What we do & who for

We offer the full range of intellectual property services covering patents, trade marks, designs, copyright, domain names and all other aspects of intellectual property, in all areas of science, technology and design. Our services extend far beyond rights protection, to enforcement, licensing and advice on strategy, covering infringement, commercialisation and monetisation.

Our clients include major domestic and international corporations, SMEs, universities and individual inventors. A number of our clients have been with us for many years – our input has helped to shape their success.