Software, electronics and communications technology is revolutionising our society and developing faster than ever. Our experts work at the spearhead of innovation in this space to provide intellectual property services and advice to support our clients’ goals.

Our team is one of the largest in Europe and has a diverse range of specialisms. Our patent attorneys have enhanced degrees and PhDs, as well as industry experience working as engineers. We apply this knowledge and a commercially focused approach to build IP portfolios that are tailored to the landscapes in which you operate.

We are chosen to represent applicants in matters of the highest legal significance and technological importance. Our track record before the European Patent Office (EPO) is outstanding, including for patent cases concerning software.

We have the flexibility and experience to support the world’s biggest technology companies, universities at the cutting edge of research, and start-up companies in highly focused areas.

Our expertise spreads across a full range of electronics, software and engineering applications, including telecommunications and associated standards, autonomous platforms in vehicles and robotics, computer vision and advanced sensors, semiconductors, quantum computing, and core areas of artificial intelligence – including those underpinning many of today’s most high profile apps. Our capability is also cross-disciplinary, extending into medical devices, assisted surgery and drug discovery.

Our team works together to provide comprehensive IP support. You can look to us in everything from drafting and prosecuting patents to opposition and appeal matters. We can also handle IP agreements, portfolio management, infringement issues and other contentious matters before the courts.

Our patent attorneys work hand-in-hand with our Trade Marks team to support brand protection for names and logos. In addition, our Designs attorneys protect design features of software products, such as graphical user interfaces. We can also assist you in drafting manufacturing and distribution agreements, supply of goods and services contracts, terms and conditions of sale and supply, and other agreements. You can find more information here.