These sectors feature constantly developing cutting-edge technologies. They cover fields as varied as aircraft and spacecraft propulsion systems, engine and motor design, automotive safety, navigation systems and transportation logistics.

Technological and other innovations are critical for improving safety, efficiency, sustainability and customer experience. Key areas of advance include electric and autonomous vehicles, lightweight materials, fluid dynamics, energy-efficient propulsion systems, connectivity and IoT technologies, advanced manufacturing techniques and renewable energy integration.

These industries also face challenges such as regulatory compliance, environmental sustainability, supply chain management, global competition and evolving consumer preferences. Intellectual property plays a crucial role in protecting innovations, technologies and brands within these sectors. It allows companies to differentiate themselves from the competition, prevent unauthorised use of their inventions and secure market share to capitalise on their innovation.

We work with clients in the aerospace, automotive, and transport sectors to help them maximise the return on their research and development by making use of intellectual property rights. These include patents for new technologies, designs for the appearance of new products or components, trademarks for brand identity, copyrights for creative works and trade secrets for confidential information, as well as licensing agreements for technology sharing and collaboration.

Our broad-based expertise includes working with computer software developers who create simulation programmes for traffic solutions and infrastructure. We also help innovative growth-stage companies or SMEs who manufacture components, and provide advice on global patent strategy and portfolios to market-leading organisations.

Our multifaceted teams have wide-ranging experience across the spectrum of intellectual property rights, spanning the automotive, autonomous vehicle, logistics, passenger transport, shipping, rail, aviation, space and defence sectors. This means we can develop the correct strategies to obtain and enforce our clients’ exclusive rights, and help them achieve their commercial objectives.