The Consumer Products and Services sector plays a crucial role in the global economy. It includes physical products like electronics, appliances, furniture, automobiles, household goods, personal care products and clothing. It also covers intangible services such as healthcare, education, financial services, transportation, entertainment, hospitality, fitness and wellness, home maintenance and personal grooming. These are integral to almost every aspect of daily life, and our clients range from significant multi-national organisations to start-ups and spin-outs.

Our attorneys will assess all manner of products and advise whether any aspects of their method of operation, function, method of manufacture, design, shape or packaging can be protected. One particular focus is branding, which is an integral part of products and services which are marketed and sold directly to consumers.

Patents, designs and trade marks apply in different ways. For example, it could involve brand protection for names and logos. Or it could involve features of the product which give the product its performance, quality or aesthetic appeal, making it more desirable to buy or enjoyable to have.

We can advise whether any aspect of your product risks infringing the earlier rights of others. We can also assist should disputes arise or in drafting and negotiating a wide range of commercial agreements. These include manufacturing and distribution agreements, supply of goods and services contracts, terms and conditions of sale and supply, plus other agreements.

Obtaining the necessary protection at the outset provides you with a means of deterring and, if necessary, stopping others from selling imitations of your products and services. It is therefore vital that you file applications as soon as you can to protect as many of their aspects as possible in all countries where you plan to market them. To help with this, we can devise a strategy for managing the costs of obtaining protection.