Our team consists of scientists and engineers with diverse academic backgrounds and specialisms, covering all aspects of technology and handling inventions across multiple disciplines. While our main groups are named Electronics, Software and Communications, Chemical and Life Sciences, and Mechanical Engineering, this cannot hope to encompass the full range of technologies that we handle. We go out of our way to recruit attorneys with technical backgrounds that enable us to serve clients’ needs at the leading edge of technology, whether that is in AI, bio-engineering or quantum computing.

While worldwide patent harmonisation is much discussed, the reality is that deep experience of the differing practices of individual jurisdictions is key to maximising protection. Our home jurisdictions are the European Patent Office, the UK Intellectual Property Office and the German Patent Office, but we work with a global network of trusted associates to obtain patent protection wherever clients require it.

Large portfolios bring with them the challenges of portfolio management. We provide portfolio management services to our clients, at times acting as an extension of the in-house team. We have secondees embedded with clients, both supporting our clients’ needs and providing us with exceptional insight into their commercial imperatives.

This provides an excellent base for a practice that extends into strategic management of IP portfolios, as well as ancillary commercial activities, including Freedom-to-Operate analysis, preparation of due diligence reports and drafting of licensing, development and other commercial agreements.

Our extensive experience also includes handling opposition and appeal proceedings before the Opposition Divisions and Boards of Appeal of the EPO, as well as before the UKIPO. In addition, with a combination of outstanding patent attorneys and seasoned litigators, our firm delivers an unparalleled service for revocation and infringement actions across various forums, including the new Unified Patents Court.