Our Firm

A commercial and innovative mindset

Protecting innovation and prioritising your commercial goals. It is this combination that sets us apart from other firms.

We go further than offering a catch-all approach to intellectual property law. We offer tailored solutions to protect your business in the short and long term. We put your innovations at the heart of the matter and extend our impact beyond the standard legal protection of your ideas.

Your commercial objectives are our priority. Each of our clients faces a unique challenge in their industry. So we listen first, then develop a collaborative approach that sees us work towards a shared goal: the commercial success of your business.

Expertise across the board

Intellectual property can be complex. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. To confront such a variety of challenges requires a wide pool of resources. Our trusted team’s wide range of service and sectoral expertise gives us exactly that, with each of our attorneys, solicitors and barristers bringing their own specialisms, skills and experience to the table.

We also look beyond rights protection, covering enforcement, licensing and strategy to help make sure you can achieve your wider goals. This holistic approach is why so many of our clients choose us again and again: from leading corporations to SMEs, start-ups, universities and individual inventors, our clients know we have their best interests at heart, and that their success is what drives us to succeed.  


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