Our multi-disciplinary team is drawn from a wide variety of technical backgrounds, and has worked on technologies over a broad spectrum including wind, solar and geothermal energy technology, hydrogen, nuclear power, oil and gas extraction and refinement and fuel cell technology. Our attorney teams comprise mechanical, chemical, electrical and electronic engineers with expansive industrial experience, and we are actively involved in various cleantech and other energy industry groups to ensure we keep abreast of the latest developments and emerging technology in this vital and far-reaching industry.

Solar Power

Structures and materials for solar photovoltaic panels and dye-sensitized solar cells, mounting arrangements and control systems for solar arrays, including MPPT (maximum power point tracking) algorithms

Wind Power

Wind turbines and blades, offshore wind kites and methods of wind farm control

Hydro-electric Power

Control Systems for Hydro-Electric Power schemes

Energy Storage

Li-ion batteries and battery management systems, charge and discharge control, electrode and electrolyte materials, protective circuit design for batteries, large scale energy storage systems, fuel cell stacks and reformers, solid oxide fuel cells, membrane-electrode assemblies, end plate design and fuel circulation systems, catalysts for fuel cells

Grid efficiency tech

Grid efficiency technologies refer to various measures and technologies implemented to improve the efficiency, reliability, and performance of electrical power grids. These technologies aim to optimize the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity while reducing energy losses, enhancing grid stability, and enabling the integration of renewable energy sources such as Smart Grid Systems.

Implementing grid efficiency technologies can lead to a more reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective electricity supply, reducing environmental impact and improving overall energy system performance.

As well as helping our clients secure the best scope of protection available for their valuable energy technology IP and advising how best to utilise their rights for their business, our attorneys are also experts at providing advice on the scope and validity of competitors’ rights and opinions on infringement and freedom to operate. Our trade mark attorneys are on hand to protect our client’s brands, and we also help deal with any legal issues which may arise as well as with licensing and collaboration agreements.