Autonomous vehicles are expected to create a revolution in transportation, and our cross-disciplinary team of patent attorneys, trade mark attorneys and solicitors are leaders in navigating IP matters in this complex and evolving area. We support our clients to achieve their goals by developing industry-leading IP portfolios.

By operating with significantly reduced human involvement, autonomous vehicles have the potential to improve road safety and traffic flow, lessen congestion and challenge established conventions in vehicle layout. The development of AVs has led to significant growth and changes in sensor and camera technologies suitable for a range of applications, as well as the creation of specialist AI systems which use machine learning to interpret data. The IP associated with these changes and developments offers enormous opportunities for its owners and potential licensees.

As research into autonomous vehicles turns towards commercial operations, regions around the world are establishing regulatory frameworks for use on public roads. Additionally, technical standards are expected to contribute to reliability and interoperability between different types of systems. For companies developing autonomous vehicle solutions, protecting innovations through patents and other registered rights will continue to be an important part of improving market position and operating efficiently with sector-specific industry bodies.