30 April 2014

Inside IP Spring Summer 2014

Features a round up of the latest cases and developments in IP.

Lowering the Hurdle for GUI Protection in Europe – Jonathan Bancroft discusses further clarifications to the EPO’s views on Graphical User Interfaces.

The proposed criminalisation of registered design infringement – Subject to Royal Assent it is looking likely that infringing a registered design could become a criminal offence in the UK. Matt Colonna discusses the implications.

Flying through the ages – Jonathan Bancroft takes a look at the patents that have affected the aviation industry now commercial air travel is in its centennial year.

EPO’s Patent Translate Service completed – Ruth Shelton explains the Patent Translate service which is now available.

Trunki loses in appeal against RCD infringement decision – Alex Brown highlights lessons learnt from the recent Trunki appeal case.

KORNSPITZ or the risk of trade mark genericide – Trade mark genericide – whose view is decisive? Birgit Clark discusses the KORNSPITZ trade mark case.

Counterfeits in Europe: A billion Euro problem – David Birchall highlights the rise in counterfeit goods in Europe.

Patent Box – Ian Grey explores the benefits of the UK Government’s Patent Box initiative.

SPCs – a review in light of recent CJEU decisions – Over the last few months, the Court of Justice of the EU has been busy pondering various aspects of the law relating to Supplementary Protection Certificates; Matt Handley explores the fall out.

Recent trends in European patent filings – Kirwin Lee looks at the areas of growth and decline in European patent filings.

Leidseplein Beheer B.V and Hendrikus Jacobus Marinus De Vries v. Red Bull GmbH and Red Bull Nederland B.V. – David Birchall looks at the recent Red Bull trade mark case.

The effect of cycle racing regulations on technological development – Robin Plowman explores the correlation between Governing body regulations and the development of technology in the cycling industry.

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