1 November 2020

Venner Shipley welcomes Brookes IP

We are delighted to announce that Brookes IP has become part of the Venner Shipley group, bringing their extensive knowledge and expertise to our team. This is an exciting time for us to expand our international firm and strengthen our unique offering of patent attorneys, trademark attorneys, solicitors and barristers. We’d like to take this moment to reflect on Brookes IP as we embark on this exciting new era together.

Brookes IP has been an independent voice in the intellectual property industry for over 150 years. In the very same year that the UK Patent Office opened, the original founder, William Brookes, set up an independent practice on Chancery Lane, acting as a patent agent and consulting engineer. There has only been one other merger in the history of Brookes IP (when Brookes & Martin and Batchellor Kirk & Co. became Brookes Batchellor LLP in 2001), and this has enabled them to nurture the level of speciality that they provide their clients.

Brookes IP’s trademark expertise will be an invaluable addition to our group. The appointment of Clare Turnbull as our incoming Head of Trade Marks is going to provide us with a clear vision of how we can expand and develop this offering. Additionally, the knowledge they bring to our market-leading Electronics patent team and Chemical Life Sciences team will only strengthen these areas as well. Brookes IP will also continue operating from their Tunbridge Wells office; adding another great hub to our list of international bases in the UK and Europe.

Venner Shipley is proud to see the addition of our partners from the Brookes IP integration; Clare Turnbull, Jane Martin, Rosemary Eve and Jonathan Hancox are joining us alongside senior associate Emma Hodge and other staff members, increasing our total of partners to over 30.

Everyone at Venner Shipley is delighted to welcome Brookes IP. The rich knowledge and speciality they will bring to our group will be an incredible asset to our continued growth. We’re very excited for the merger and look forward to all the success it brings.