10 May 2020

AIPLA Virtual Spring Meeting 2020: AI Inventorship

Venner Shipley is delighted to join a virtual panel organised by the American Intellectual Property Lawyers Association (AIPLA) to discuss the issues around AI inventorship in the light of the recent ‘DABUS’ decisions from the EPO, UK IPO and USPTO.

Partner Richard Kennedy will join Ryan Abbott, Professor of Law and Health Sciences at UK University of Surrey School of Law and Gareth Jones, Vice President of Intellectual Property at Benevolent AI to discuss the legal issues and the ramifications for AI innovation. The panel will be preceded by a technical presentation by the creator of DABUS, Stephen Thaler, who will discuss the underlying technology.

This is free event and all are welcome to attend, regardless of whether a member of AIPLA, a patent attorney, a data scientist or AI enthusiast. Click here to register.

Event Details

VIRTUALLY DELIVERED,AIPLA, 1400 Crystal Drive,Suite 600,Arlington,VA,22202,US