For many companies, the value of their business is intrinsically linked to both the quality and the quantity of their intellectual property and how well it’s protected. Due diligence can be very useful as part of the valuation of your business when you are raising investment or selling all or part of your business. It is also an essential part of investing into or buying all or part of a business.

Our due diligence expertise covers both the purchase and sale of companies and/or intellectual property assets. We also provide advice to investors interested in intellectual property focused investments. We help companies prepare for acquisitions, transactions, and investments, and ensure that the information received by all parties is clear and precise. Our attorneys can identify intellectual property rights and establish their status, advise on validity, infringement, ownership, and all intellectual property related issues and we frequently handle product clearance investigations ensuring that a company is free to market and sell a new or improved product without fear of infringing other parties’ intellectual property. Our work involves whole patent/trade mark/design portfolios or single intellectual property assets.

We are experienced and flexible, and know ask the right questions in order to provide reliable, clear due diligence advice.

If you are considering investing in a pre-existing brand, we can carry out due diligence on the brand and identify any defects or weaknesses in the trade mark protection being offered for sale that you should be aware of before committing to invest.