Continuous advances in semiconductor technology underpin all other technologies in electronics and have been a key driver of the information revolution. The patenting of developments in this field requires a deep understanding of physics, chemistry and material science.

A significant number of our electronics attorneys have relevant university degrees and industrial experience, as well as specific, patent- related knowledge. As a result, our attorneys have a deep understanding of the technologies and the sector, and are able to offer clients insightful, practical advice to help them obtain the best protection.

Examples of areas in which we have particular experience include memory and logic devices and circuits, quantum-effect devices, sensors and photonic devices. We are familiar not only with devices implemented in silicon, III-V, II-VI and other inorganic semiconductor material systems, but also structures fabricated using organic semiconductors. Our expertise also extends to fabrication technologies, such as electron-beam lithography, electroplating and plasma processing.

Drafting and prosecution form the cornerstone of our services in this area. However, contentious proceedings are becoming more common and our attorneys frequently represent clients in oppositions and appeals at the EPO. We also undertake infringement and validity opinions. Our capabilities are further enhanced by our dedicated team of in-house lawyers.