The payment systems industry is a fast-moving and dynamic sector, with ongoing innovation and change driven by technology, security, user behaviour and regulatory requirements. In recent years, mobile payments, contactless functionality and blockchain have offered new options for fast and convenient transactions, while developments in automated cash handling continue to improve efficiency and prevent fraud.

Our team of attorneys has deep understanding and experience of this sector. We support innovation businesses to develop comprehensive IP strategies which are geared to maximising the value of innovations. We also advise our clients on the landscape of IP rights held by other parties. In this way, our clients maintain a competitive edge and freedom of opportunity for the future.

There are many ways that businesses can use IP strategically to safeguard their technology, processes and branding in this important and evolving area of business operations. Patents can be used to protect innovative hardware, software and processes, and trade marks can safeguard logos, names and slogans associated with user recognition. Registered Designs are available for front-end interfaces and product appearance, and Trade Secrets can be used for confidential business information.