IP protection is crucial in the fashion and textiles industry to safeguard the intellectual property of designers, brands, and innovators. This ranges from the protection of new fibres and sheet materials and coatings, as well as clothing design.

Our design attorneys work to protect the unique and ornamental design of a fashion or textile product. This includes the shape, pattern, colour and overall appearance of the product and provides exclusive rights to the owner which  prevent others from creating or selling products with a substantially similar design. Copyright protection can be utilized to safeguard original creative works in the fashion and textile industry. This includes textile patterns, fabric designs, fashion illustrations, and artistic elements. Copyright automatically applies to original works upon creation, but, in territories which permit the registration of copyright, registering copyright provides additional benefits, such as evidence of ownership and the ability to seek damages in case of infringement.

Trade marks play a significant role in the fashion industry, protecting brand names, logos, slogans, and other distinctive brand elements. Registering a trade mark provides legal protection against unauthorized use of the brand identity and can help prevent competitors from luring consumers who associate specific qualities and reputation with a particular fashion or textile brand.

Our team also advises on licensing agreements with other entities, granting them permission to use their IP in exchange for royalties or other financial arrangements. Well-drafted contracts and licensing agreements ensure that the rights and obligations of all parties are clearly defined and protected.