Members of our team have substantial technical expertise in the field of cell and gene therapy and gene editing, with backgrounds in biochemistry, molecular biology and immunology, backed by real life research experience. In addition to acquiring IP rights, we also provide freedom-to-operate and validity advice, formulating patent strategies to minimise risk, as well as attacking and defending patents to enhance our clients’ commercial position.

The team is experienced in handling patent applications in technology areas including those related to gene delivery vectors, gene and protein engineering, gene editing, modified genes and expression products and control of gene expression to name a few.  We are also highly active in post-grant proceedings in this sector.

Our attorneys know that these areas are evolving rapidly and provide exciting new opportunities for patient benefit. We strive to keep abreast of not only the latest patent developments but also industry updates. We appreciate how important it is not only to fully understand our clients’ technology, but also their business. This allows us to provide the best possible strategic advice and provide a competitive advantage. We strive to consistently provide proactive, business-relevant advice by not only getting to know our clients’ technology and business, but also those of their competitors.

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