The automotive industry involves a multitude of disciplines such as automotive engineering, electrical systems, powertrain design, vehicle safety, autonomous driving technology, connectivity, and sustainable mobility solutions. These disciplines encompass a wide variety of technologies, from purely mechanical components through to complex electronic management systems, materials, and manufacturing processes. Our team of attorneys working in the automotive sector have backgrounds in a diverse range of technical disciplines including engineering and electronics, as well as physical and chemical sciences. Their diverse technical backgrounds and wealth of experience mean that our automotive team are well placed to deal with the whole breadth of technology across the sector in all streams of intellectual property rights.

Our attorneys’ experience includes harnessing innovation in relation to chassis design and dynamics, suspension and damping systems, power- and drive- trains, transmissions, materials and composites, battery and thermal management systems, control systems, braking systems and component, charging systems, and infrastructure. Our attorneys’ also have specific experience with electric vehicles ranging from inverter cooling systems, on-vehicle battery packaging, range extender technology, electric motor cooling and temperature management, low energy route navigation technology, and vehicle charging hardware.

The automotive industry is also at the forefront of green technology. With increasing pressure from government and environmental groups to reduce vehicle emissions and increase fuel efficiency, as well as to increase sustainability, there are significant levels of ongoing research and investment into alternative fuels and hybrid vehicle technology. Green technology is a field our attorneys feel very strongly about and have extensive knowledge and experience in having procured and defended intellectual property right in the fields of battery and fuel cell technologies, from fuel cell end plate design through to novel catalyst compositions.