19 March 2021

UPDATE – UKIPO Address for Service

The UKIPO originally set a deadline of 31 March 2021 to allow for the bulk recordal of changes of address for service in respect of cloned cases created from EU Trade Mark and Design Registrations after the end of Brexit on 31 December 2020. However, this did not leave very much time for rights holders to make decisions concerning UK representation or for their European Attorneys to make similar decisions. Originally, it had been expected that European Union representatives would be able to continue to provide representation at the UKIPO, however, that position changed in November following a decision by the UK Government to remove rights of representation from EU professional representatives for new matters with effect from 1 January 2021.

This change, which came very late in the day before the end of the Brexit transition period, resulted in decisions having to be made quickly about rights of representation and this also came at a time when much of the world was still experiencing significant business and personal disruption as a result of the continuing COVID pandemic.

This news from the UKIPO to extend the deadline for filing bulk recordals of changes in representation to 30 September 2021 is welcome as it allows additional time for decisions to be made concerning the plan for representation of UK rights, not least because new matters requiring attention in the UK, including trade mark Oppositions and post-registration matters for UK trade mark clones created from EU designations of International Registrations (other than renewal) now require a UK address for service. It makes sense for a single right holders portfolio, or at least parts of their portfolio which are in the same commercial sectors, to be handled by the same representative to ensure continuity of advice and other efficiencies.

In order to assist our professional colleagues around the world, we are in a position to file bulk recordals or indeed any other recordals using the systems we have put in place to facilitate this and can provide more information on request.

For more information on the UKIPO published guidance on the question of Address for Service after Brexit, click here.