16 March 2018

UK Patent Fees changing from 6 April 2018

Some subtle but important changes are being made to UK patent fees as of 6 April 2018. The official search and examination fees are each increasing by £20 to £150 and £100 respectively. The application fee will be increasing from £20 to £60, with an extra £15 if it is not paid on filing.

The UKIPO is also introducing an excess claims fee of £20 for each claim over 25 (payable with the search fee) and an excess pages fee of £10 for each page of the description over 35 (payable with the examination fee). Note that the claims, abstract and drawings pages do not count when assessing the excess pages fee.

If claims or description pages increase during prosecution, the additional fees due will be payable on grant in the form of a new grant fee. A new patents form 34 will be provided for this.

Renewal fees for each of years 12 to 20 are increasing by £10.

More information can be found here.