14 November 2018

Prestigious panel success for Venner Shipley

We are pleased to share that we have been appointed to all five lots of the prestigious national Intellectual Property Rights Services Provider framework agreement by the NEUPC (North Eastern Universities Purchasing Consortium).

Being appointed to this framework allows Venner Shipley to deliver IPR services on a national basis to over 400 organisations that are part of the framework, including the Advanced Procurement Universities and Colleges (Scotland), Higher Education Purchasing Consortium for Wales, London Universities Purchasing Consortium, North Eastern Universities Purchasing Consortium, North West Universities Purchasing Consortium and Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium.

This means that any member institution of the UK Higher Education Purchasing Consortia will now be able to benefit from Venner Shipley’s expertise and considerable experience in providing IP advice to universities (and not only our existing university and high education clients) across the following five lots:-

Lot 1 – Non-patentable IPR services

This includes copyright, trade marks, design rights, renewals and other services.

Lot 2 – Engineering and Physical Sciences

This lot focuses on IPR services relating to the areas of Engineering and Physical Sciences.  This includes Engineering (mechanical, robotic, electronic, electrical, aerospace, hydro, wind and tide, energy, civil etc).

Lot 3 – Chemistry and Biosciences

This lot encompasses chemistry, chemical engineering and biofuels, medicine, dentistry and biomedical science, along with pharmacy, biological sciences and health and nutrition.

Lot 4 – Patent, design & trade mark renewal service

Suppliers awarded to this lot can provide the above services.

Lot 5 – One Stop Shop

Suppliers appointed to this lot can provide services from all of the lots (including legal and licensing) on a national basis.

This framework provides members with access to suppliers who can provide legal advice and guidance, licensing and registration services on all matters relation to the creation, development and production of patents, trade marks, copyright, design rights, trade secrets and intellectual property rights. The Framework will be managed by the North Eastern Universities Purchasing Consortium (NEUPC) on behalf of its education sector members and the members of five other purchasing consortia across the UK. The contract, which began on September 1st, will initially be for three years, with an option to extend for a further year.

Rachel Lunn, Professional Services Category Manager at NEUPC, comments: ‘The national Intellectual Property Rights Services framework agreement is the first of its kind available to UK Universities. The framework will allow members to easily access suppliers including Venner Shipley, to help protect the ideas, products and innovations created in universities and educational establishments, enabling them to collaborate successfully with commercial partners.’

Venner Shipley’s Partner Anton Hutter, said: ‘We are delighted to have secured a place across all 5 lots on this inaugural Intellectual Property Rights Services Provider framework agreement and believe that this success will give our clients and contacts confidence in our expert service, the ability to refer any matters to us without the need for further procurement processes and to take advantage of our competitive rates.’

Click here for the award announcement on NEUPC’s website.