27 January 2020

Pharma & Biotech IP IAM Event

Partner, Richard Kennedy and Associate, Reuben Friend will be attending IAM’s ‘Pharma & Biotech IP’ conference in London on Tuesday 28th January 20202.

IAM’s fourth annual Pharma and Biotech IP will bring together leading in-house practitioners and expert counsel to discuss next-generation strategies for protecting and exploiting cutting-edge innovation. The life sciences are in a period of dramatic change and innovation. Developments in new technologies, such as cell therapies and gene editing, are challenging traditional IP strategies and business models.

At the event attendees will:

  • Learn about recent developments, key decisions and the latest IP challenges from Europe, the United States and China
  • Understand how IP strategies are adapting and how to avoid pitfalls and costly mistakes
  • Determine what the convergence between life sciences and tech means for you and what lessons can be learned from high-tech innovators
  • Gain best practices for protecting cutting-edge technologies – from personalised medicines to gene and cell therapies
  • Shed light on how IP can and should be used as a part of a wider value creation strategy

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Event Details

The Bloomsbury,16-22 Great Russell Street,London,WC1B 3NN,GB