2 July 2023

Meet our team: Kathryn Sayer

As part of our ‘meet our team’ series, we ask Kathryn Sayer, one of our Mechanical Engineering associates based in our London office, about her journey to becoming a patent attorney, what she loves about Venner Shipley and what else she enjoys in life.


When did you join Venner Shipley and what office do you work in?
I joined Venner Shipley in March 2024 and am based in the London office.

How did you get into working in IP or your current role?
During an internship at a healthcare engineering start-up, my boss asked me to have a go of drafting a patent application to save costs on employing a patent attorney. Somehow, I managed to put something together, and my boss joked that I should become a patent attorney. Never having heard of the profession, I googled it and knew it was my dream job straight away. I trained at Kilburn & Strode where I worked for 7.5 years before moving here. Amazingly, that patent application somehow got granted, but I’m much better at drafting now of course!

What areas do you currently specialise in in your role?
My background is in mechanical engineering and my patents specialism is in automotive, aerospace, and medical technologies. I also do a lot of designs work, and have a lot of experience with FTOs.

What do you enjoy most about working in IP law?
The wide variety of technology that I get to learn about every day.

What recent successes/achievements have you had (personal/professional)?
I successfully defended a design against an invalidity action at the EUIPO, and then invalidated several third party designs at the UK IPO for the same client.

What’s the best thing about working at Venner Shipley?
The view from the office, and not having to hot desk!

“Never having heard of the profession, I googled it and knew it was my dream job straight away.”

Kathryn Sayer, Associate
Mechanical Engineering

What do you do outside of work?
I’m at the gym most evenings where I enjoy doing bodypump classes. On my days off, I enjoy travelling, walking, and have recently got an allotment so will be doing lots of gardening this summer.

Tell us a little more about you 
I’m originally from Liverpool and moved to London to study at Imperial, long enough ago that my scouse accent is now very diluted! I enjoy staying active and being outdoors, and I’m really passionate about mental health awareness. I’m a trained Mental Health First Aider and Mental Health First Aid Champion, and am always happy to have a confidential, non-judgmental chat about anything mental health related.


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