1 June 2015

Inside IP Spring Summer 2015

Features a roundup of the latest cases and developments in IP.

An update on SPCS – Dan Day and Catrin Petty update on important decisions regarding Supplementary Protection Certificates.

Video Games, tax and intellectual property – Jan Walaski explores the beneficial environment enjoyed by the video games sector in the UK, including the specific tax relief available to the sector.

Patent protection for video game technology – Rob Cork investigates whether patents in the video game industry might be used to greater advantage than they currently are.

More broccoli (patents), please! – Sian Gill updates on two new decisions announced by the Enlarged Board of Appeal of the European Patent Office (EPO) with regards to plant patents.

Data Mining – Paul Derry discusses the challenges that can arise when attempting to patent data mining inventions at the EPO.

Protecting non-conventional trade marks –  Nora Fowler highlights cases where non-conventional trademarks have been applied for.

Warner-Lambert v Actavis – Tim Russell highlights the Warner-Lambert v Actavis case, where the infringement of Swiss type medical use claims has been questioned for the first time at the UK high court.

eBay succeeds in its cancellation action against “BEAUTYBAY” marks – An ongoing dispute between eBay and Dotcom demonstrates once again that achieving registration of a trade mark is not the “be all and end all” of trademark protection if the mark was already at risk when filed; Yoann Rousseau discusses.

The Enlarged Board of Appeal’s decision on clarity in opposition proceedings – The EPO’s Enlarged Board of Appeal has recently issued a major decision, on the extent to which the clarity of claims should be examined during opposition proceedings. The decision confirms that clarity is only to be examined to the extent that an amendment introduces a clarity issue to the claims; Katie Cowley and Steven Cuss explain further.

Update on the EPO – Matt Handley explains the recent goings on at the European Patent Office.

An overview of design law – George Hudson recaps on the fundamentals of the Intellectual Property Act 2014 surrounding the various forms of design protection available in the UK, and explains some of the more important changes introduced by the Act.

Toxic priority and poisonous divisionals – The related concepts of “toxic priority” and “poisonous divisionals” have caused a great deal of recent debate; Tanya Heare discusses.

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