30 April 2013

Inside IP Spring Summer 2013

Features a round up of the latest cases and developments in IP.

The Spring Summer 2013 edition of Inside IP features: 

The Unitary Patent system – Simon Taor explains how one patent system for Europe could bring huge changes.

The launch of The Trademark Clearinghouse – Kate Széll and Julia McFarlane detail the launch of The Trademark Clearinghouse and how it will
be used to help implement changes brought about by the implementation of the “generic top-level domain” program.

Silicon Roundabout – the “new” Old Street – Kirwin Lee discusses London’s digital innovation centre.

Bolar provisions – Becky Davidson discusses the plans to amend the UK Patents Act to exempt clinical and field trials for new drugs from patent infringement.

The course of copyrights in trade marks “never did run smooth” – Peter Dawson highlights the Innocent smoothie trademark case.

Patenting nanotechnology – Pawel Piotrowicz discusses the challenges in obtaining patent protection in nanotechnology.

Food for thought – Juliet Redhouse explains what sort of food innovations can be patented.

Patenting human genes – Matt Handley highlights the debate surrounding patenting human genes.

Divisional deadlines – Rob Cork explains changes in procedure announced by the EPO with regards to deadlines for filing divisional applications.

Patent Box in force – Jae Park explains the Patent Box UK tax relief scheme.

Leno Merken BV v Hagelkruis Beheer BV CJEU decision on ‘genuine use’ – What constitutes ‘genuine use’ of a community trademark? Peter Dawson discusses.

Patent application filings on the rise – Oliver Anderson summarises the record level of European patent applications filings.

“Green” technology patent incentives – a global perspective – Alex Brown explains the “Green Channel”.

IP in the media – Why is IP being reported more regularly in the media? Scott Fletcher summarises.

Pan-European patent disputes – Kate McNamara looks at how the Court of Justice of the European Union is handling patent disputes in Europe ahead of the implementation of the Unitary Patent System.

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