30 November 2020

Inside IP Autumn Winter 2020

Venner Shipley’s Intellectual Property Magazine featuring a roundup of the latest cases and developments in IP.

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A word from the editor: Simon Taor

As 2020 is slowly coming to an end it is difficult not to reflect on how quickly COVID-19 changed the world, but in many ways, it feels like business as usual for us but just from new locations for now.

We have been enjoying working with our clients to harness, commercialise and defend their intellectual property as well as protect their brands through this prolonged period of disruption and uncertainty. We have also continued to work closely with our world-wide attorney network to ensure smooth and timely collaboration.

As with everyone around the world, we are working in new ways and staying connected is of the upmost importance to us. We are regularly meeting virtually and collaborating with our clients across our teams, enabling innovation to prevail. We believe that integrating our team with that of our clients brings its own rewards for both us and our clients.

It has been a different year for all of us with many firsts: pioneering virtual hearings at the EPO, the G1/19 EBA oral proceedings live stream, as well as our recent merger with Brookes IP. Visit the Venner Shipley News section to find out more about our new colleagues.

While COVID-19 has been dominating this year, there has been plenty more going on in the world of IP and in this edition we cover updates on SPCs, AI inventorship, women’s health and AI, a round-up of recent Decisions from the Boards of Appeal at the EPO, AI for medical diagnostics, the Messi trade mark contest before the CJEU, the recent FRAND decision as well as the Kymab one, AI standards and patents and G3/19. We also have an interview with my colleague Pawel Piotrowicz on his experience of the G1/19 EBA oral proceedings. We are also continuing our 100 Engineering Ideas series. Thank you to all our contributing authors!

In entering 2021 Brexit will still be a topic and whereas at the moment it is unclear how the relationship between Europe and the UK will look, it is clear that there is no change to patents and that we are on top of changing needs when it comes to trade marks and designs. We are looking forward to providing the same service as before.

I hope you find something of interest! Please reach out to us if you have any suggestions, questions or ideas for future content. I am, as always, only an email away.

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Kymab prevails as the UK Supreme Court affirms the requirement for sufficient disclosure
Paul Harris and David Pountney highlight the UK Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Kymab’s appeal that two of Regeneron’s patents are invalid for lack of sufficient disclosure.

Evolution of SPC Law in Europe
Nick Barrow reports on two recent SPC CJEU cases that have affected what protection is obtainable.

Thinking outside the black box: explainable AI is coming into focus
Robert Peake considers how data protection law is shaping the development and deployment of ‘explainable AI’ to support decision making about individuals.

A round-up of recent Decisions from the Boards of Appeal at the EPO
Henry Aldridge and Ashleigh Waldron provide a round up of recent Decisions from the EPO Boards of Appeal.

AI inventors? Why should we care?
James Tumbridge and Alexandra Seymour-Pierce analyse the latest news related to the filing of a test case which argued it should be possible to name an AI as the inventor on a patent application.

G3/19: EBA finds plants produced by essentially biological processes are not patentable
Matthew Handley reports on the G3/19 decision.

AI, standards and patents – time for a gold rush?
AI experts Michael Fischer and Richard Kennedy explore how the standardisation process in the field of AI is further developing and the importance of having a strong patent strategy.

MESSI ONE: MASSI NIL – Lionel Messi wins trade mark contest before the CJEU
Camilla Sexton reports on the long-term trade mark dispute between Messi and the Spanish cycling brand MASSI.

Patenting AI for medical diagnostics
Robert Holbrook, James Varley and Richard Kennedy explores the ways AI and ML technologies are used in healthcare and medical diagnosis.

Women’s health, AI and the data gap
Katherine Dainty explains how technology has created potential for plugging the data gaps in general health, improving research on female-specific conditions and improving the future of women’s health.

Brexit, what next?
James Tumbridge, David Birchall and Alex Brown provide an update on all things Brexit and IP with the end of the transition period fast approaching.

G1/19: An interview with Pawel Piotrowicz
We sit down with Partner, Pawel Piotrowicz to hear first-hand from him on all the latest on case G1/19.

The coffee pot that keeps on brewing
Henry Aldridge explores the history of the patents and disputes around one of the world’s favourite beverages in the push for patent protection.

2D or not 2D
Catrin Petty examines graphene and its patent history.

UK Supreme Court upholds jurisdiction of English courts to determine global FRAND licences
James Tumbridge and David Pountney update on the UK Supreme Court’s unanimous judgment.

100 engineering ideas that have changed the world
We continue our series of articles where we look at some of the greatest engineering ideas that have had an effect on our everyday lives. The list of 100 engineering ideas was compiled by The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).

Venner Shipley News
Read about how we have strengthened our trade mark offering and expanded our patent practice with the addition of Brookes IP.

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