29 November 2016

Inside IP Autumn Winter 2016

Features a roundup of the latest cases and developments in IP.

So what is going on? Government Policy and the UK Position – What will happen once Article 50 has been invoked.  James Tumbridge discusses what is going on and what the Government sees as the options for the UK post Brexit.

How will Brexit affect Intellectual Property Rights? – James Tumbridge comments on how Intellectual Property Rights may alter with Brexit both legally and in practical terms for professions.

Supplementary Protection Certificates & Brexit – Kate McNamara explains how Brexit may allow for an improvement in the approach to patent term extension.

How will Brexit affect Designs in the UK?  – George Hudson considers the various options for design protection in the UK post Brexit.

Will Brexit be all change for Trade Marks? – Gloria Parmesan looks at whether British firms will be able to register European Union Trade Marks following Brexit and the options for brand owners.

Confidential information and trade secrets – James Tumbridge discusses how Brexit could impact the UK in relation to trade secrets and data protection.

Brexit Transitional Framework – At present the existing legislative framework governing IP law remains unaffected whilst the UK remains a member of the EU.  James Tumbridge presents some exist scenarios.

The future – what should you note now? – As IP law will continue to evolve following Brexit, the UK will be presented with opportunities to adopt improvements and make changes. James Tumbridge shares his thoughts on what business needs to note now.

Venner Shipley News

The Bank formerly known as Mondo and the Importance of Trade Mark Searches – Camilla Sexton demonstrates the importance of trade mark searches through the tale of Mondo bank.

Plant Protection Rights in Turmoil? – Sian Gill discusses the concerns and inconsistences around European patent protection for plant-related inventions and changes to legislation to provide more consistency in Europe.

The Francis Crick Institute – Matt Handley talks about the opening of The Francis Crick Institute and how their approach to collaborating with industry may affect intellectual property.

Pain on Appeal: Warner-Lambert v Actavis – The Court of Appeal has reached its decision in the Warner-Lambert v Actavis case. Tim Russell discusses this important judgment for those interested in pharmaceutical patent protection in the UK.

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