1 December 2021

Client feedback 2021

Earlier in the year, we conducted a client listening survey. With the changing landscape many faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, we were keen to understand our changing clients’ needs and ways we can improve our service. We were overwhelmed with the positive responses, with many seeing us as particularly friendly and helpful, and with 94% of our direct clients and foreign agents saying that they would recommend us to their peers.

Thank you to all respondents who were generous with their time providing detailed written feedback. The results showed that the majority of our clients and agents consider the most important areas for service delivery to be technical expertise, efficiency, clear correspondence and proactive insights.

Whilst these were also areas that our clients generally attributed to us, we are taking the opportunity to improve in areas of particular importance to our clients. For example, we are looking at providing more tailored content to our audience with more sector focussed content. We are also looking at our internal policies including our billing processes and have created an open dialogue to provide further feedback on our processes as we move forward.

We were incredibly happy to see that 96% consider our overall service as good, with 63% of those rating our overall service as outstanding. And, 86% consider our technical/legal expertise as good, with 69% of those rating our technical / legal expertise as outstanding. Our friendly and helpful staff, speed, efficiency, responsiveness, quality of work, technical ability/advice and experience were highlighted as key strengths and are attributes that we look to uphold when dealing with all of our clients.

We wanted to thank everyone who participated, our clients’ and agents’ feedback is important to us and will continue to help use adapt the way we work to better suit their needs. If you didn’t have chance to complete our survey, we still welcome any feedback.

  • 96% of our responses considered our overall service to be good, with 63% of responses rated our overall service as outstanding.
  • 96% of our clients rated our technical/legal expertise as good and 69% of those, thought our technical / legal expertise is outstanding!