14 August 2023

Bringing the future into focus: our new brand

We have revamped our brand, with a new brand identity, a new design, a new website and all the collateral that goes with it.

In recent years Venner Shipley has seen lots of change with the opening of more offices in the UK as well as in Munich, the addition of our litigation and commercial team and our merger with Brookes IP. It is now time for a new way of presenting ourselves and our brand with the future in mind.

Through deep analysis and many internal and external interviews, we began to decipher our purpose, behaviours, impact, style, tone and values. This is not just a new lick of paint on our brand, we wanted to make sure the foundations of our new brand framework were true to what Venner Shipley is today and to what lies ahead.

Our new image

The common thread was our desire to go the extra mile for our clients. Our ability to see what others miss, to empower creators and innovators to maximise their potential, rather than just giving clients what they think they need. This essence of going beyond aligns with the theme of unique perspectives, giving us a clear direction for our brand.

Our logo embodies the idea of unique perspectives. Showing two squares (we call them planes), with one rotated on its axis. The resulting form provides a platform in the centre, which we like to think of as our clients’ markets and products sitting at the core, supported by Venner Shipley.

The perspective plane from our logo is used as a graphic device to represent our unique perspectives and cutting-edge thinking. We refreshed our colour palette with a deep Amethyst purple supported by a typeface that is both technical and humanist, serious but peppered with discreet flashes of character and personality, much like us! Ranging from bright and energetic to mature and responsible, our complementary brand colours represent our holistic approach, harmonious with both human imagination and technical precision.

Our creative expression is dynamic, confident and expressive.


Our people sit at the heart. We are friendly and easy to work with – something that sets us apart in our field. We offer different perspectives. We see what others miss, revealing opportunities. We are problem solvers, creative thinkers. Our clients value our straight-talking approach, practical advice, and the clarity we bring to help drive their decisions. We are approachable, conversational and easy to work with. We are focused on building relationships with our clients that are long-lasting, and our imagery portrays this.