13 September 2018

BioForward The “Roadmap for Growth” Life Sciences Event

We are pleased to be participating in this year’s BioForward The “Roadmap for Growth” Life Sciences Event.

Our Partner Anton Hutter is going to be joining the panel on: ‘Driving Innovation through Collaboration & Open Access’ at this upcoming BioForward – The Roadmap for Growth Life Sciences Event.

This one day conference is aimed at early stage, emerging and developing life sciences companies featuring expert speakers ranging from making the most of your financial resources, maximising the potential of your data assets, how to work effectively with the wider industry, attracting and retaining talent, the importance of collaboration and open access, to location, manufacturing and much more besides.

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Event Details

BioForward ,Aston Webb Building, University of Birmingham,142 Edgbaston Park Rd,Birmingham,BL8 1AA,GB